This is my life, "My Story''

What have I done in my life?
Which decisions have been crucial?
What do I want to pass on?

This is my life,
"My Story''

What have I done in my life?
Which decisions have been crucial?
What do I want to pass on?

Everyone has a story to tell

Except only few people actually allow themselves the time to record that story. As the years go by almost imperceptibly, we forget that it is worth telling our life story – while it is still possible.

A lasting memory for family, for friends, for grandchildren who may later ask: who was Grandpa or Grandma really? Questions that you can still answer yourself and have permanently recorded in this is my life, this is ‘My Story’.

Imagine recording a personal farewell address. For during a funeral, or to show in the private warmth of your family. A personal poem, personally read, a precious anecdote, a word of thanks, your life story. Anything is possible, for those who are open to it.

My Story’s method is simple: after an extensive interview we select the most important moments of your life and capture your story with the help of a high-end cinema camera. Together we will browse through photo albums and personal archives. Making sure these memories are also captured on video forever.

Finally, the editing, the moment when your story comes to life for all your loved ones. Captivating for everyone who cares about you, now and in the future. Tell it all, in this is my life, this is ‘My Story’.

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How do we work?

The entire process is divided into 3 simple steps:

FREE Consultation Call

Firstly we schedule a call, during which we work together to find out what the story is that you want to tell and how you want to tell it.

Video Shoot

We shoot all 'My Story' segments on High Quality Cinema-Grade cameras. Making sure that the image quality will last just as long as your story.

Share Your Story

Your legacy will live on forever.


From start to finish for 1 set price. What you see is what you get.
prices are excluding VAT and travel costs:

My Moment

$ 399,-

My Story

$ 899,-

Complete Package

$ 1300,-

$ 1149,-

Extra Physical copies (USB Drives) are $ 9.50 each.
(4ever-yours cannot be held responsible for the origin of the used music and the resulting rights)


Feel free to send us an email if you have a question that is not answered here:

During the intake interview we will look together at what is really important to you in your life. We do this using a questionnaire where you can indicate what you would like to talk about or not. You can form ideas about certain topics. And then determine what it is you would like to include. If you have decided what you want we can choose a date together for the recordings. The intake is free and you can always change your mind during the conversation.

You don't have to worry. We will put you at ease and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do either. We will not influence or direct your cadence. Say it how you want to say it. This can all be discussed during the free intake call if you are still a bit concerned.

No. You decide what will be recorded. This is determined through the free intake interview.

No. Before we start shooting we have the free intake call during which we look at subjects together. Between the intake and the day of the shoot you have time to think and decide what you want to talk about. During the recording you decide how you want to do this. So if you are afraid of forgetting, you can write this down and then read it. Or we will interview you. This is your own choice.

No. You will first be invited for an intake meeting where we will look at what is important to you right now. Together we will go through a list of topics. And of course you may add other topics.

Of course. The intake interview is meant to see if this is something you want to do or not. You can always express your thoughts or concerns.

You will receive a download link or a USB Stick containing your My Story and/or My Moment. The choice is up to you.

Yes. Cost for each additional USB Drive is €9.50.


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